The time is now, to promote Uganda Exports!

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London, 18 January 2017: Ugandan Convention team in UK led by Zaharah Kayongo and Convention’s Ambassador in the Midland Mr Daniel Buturo, met with Mr Godfrey Kobwa – Commercial and Economics Counsellor for the Uganda High Commission – UK to strategise on how to promote Uganda’s exports and investments to Uganda in the Midlands.

Uganda’s targets to become a middle status income country with a projected export performance of more than $8,000 million by 2020 ought to be given higher priority. To achieve this, the contribution of exports to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is paramount. Available data demonstrates the high propensity for Ugandans who engage in import trade and in domestic commerce as opposed to export trade.

Uganda’s export performance is still very low with export to import ratio of 51 per cent. Uganda imports more than what she exports, creating a negative trade balance. Uganda’s total merchandise exports were worth $2.73 billion 2015 while merchandise imports into Uganda reached $6.065 billion in 2015. Trade deficit reached $3.3 billion in 2015.

Zaharah said that one of the purposes of The Uganda Convention – UK is to promote trade and investment between Uganda and the UK. Through identifying and reaching out to strategic partners like the uganda high Commission to join forces in its 2017 activities. These include the annual Convention on the 16th Sept in London, two export and investment conferences slated in May in the Midlands and a trade mission to Uganda in October.

Mr. Kwoba indicated that the Uganda High Commission’s strategy in UK is to make a presence in all the regions of the UK. He further said that. recently attended an event in Leicester organised by Hon. Jaffer Kapasi – Uganda’s Honorary Consul to the Midlands and will be attending an event in Ireland in May organised by Uganda’s Honorary Consul to Ireland. He intends to involve The Uganda Convention to ensure that such opportunities are fully utilised.

Mr Kobwa stated that the missions focus was Investments, Tourism and promotion of Ugandan exports. He complimented the Uganda Convention’s agenda which compliments Uganda’s vision for international trade.

Mr Buturo highlighted Volkswagen’s success story, a global car manufacturer, who are establishing an assembly in Kenya after establishing that there is a market for their cars in East Africa region after exporting to the region.

Madam Kayongo informed Mr Kobwa that the Midlands conferences will be held over two days, one for East Midlands businesses and one for West Midlands businesses as requested by the business community of the Midlands.

In order to co-ordinate the May Midlands conferences, considering the event in Ireland in May organised by Uganda’s Honorary Consul there, Mr Kobwa requested for ranges of dates in May for the Midlands conference.

The Uganda high commission and the Uganda UK convention are working on strategy to ensure that the September convention is fully utilised by the Uganda/ UK business community

Mr Kobwa agreed to support The Uganda Convention – UK in all its 2017 activities namely, September annual conference in London, May Midlands conferences and trade mission to Uganda.

For more information about 2017 investment activities in the UK contact: or visit our website at www.

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