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11 Foods You Should Avoid when on a Diet

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As anyone who has tried dieting already knows, choosing the right foods to include and which ones to avoid can be both complicated and frustrating. Unfortunately, some of the foods that most of us enjoy, as well as some that may appear to be completely harmless, are likely slowing down your progress.

The following takes a look at eleven foods and drinks which you should avoid as much as possible while on a diet.


1. Cream

Avoiding cream might sound like an obvious choice if you are trying to lose weight, but the actual practice of removing it from your daily menu might not be so easy.

Cream is so commonly used in cooking that many people may find it very difficult to omit it from their diets.

Creams may be used in everything from soups to curries to pasta-based dishes. In addition, a lot of people and restaurants add cream to otherwise healthy desserts, such as fresh strawberries or fruit salad.

As one of the highest fat types of dairy products, cream should ideally be completely avoided by people on a weight loss diet. You can still get your calcium from skim milk or low-fat yoghurt.

While low-fat alternatives are available, most dairy products still contain a high number of calories. Fortunately, there are some substitutes around which can taste just as good. For example, you can usually replace cream with zero- or low-fat Greek yoghurt in most dishes.

If you are cooking at home, then you can easily make this switch. When eating out, you might want to avoid creamy sauces at all costs, as they are such a major source of waistline-expanding calories.

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