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15 Hip-Hop Celebrities With Bad Tattoos

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Body art & rappers go together like peanut chocolate and jelly. Rappers love getting tattoos more than they love some of their own albums. It is not rare to see rappers these days with more tattoos on their body than uncovered skin.

Unfortunately, a love of body art can also lead to some particularly unfortunate decisions on what to cover your body in. When you combine that with heavy drug use and lack of people willingly to tell you “that’s a bad idea, bro,” situations can be rife for a potentially poor decision when it comes to tattooing something over your body.

While we certainly understand how it can happen that does not mean we can just it let go unnoticed. Today, Drake had a very interesting new tattoo that is starting to make headlines. So XXL has compiled 15 of the most unfortunate hip-hop celebrities tattoos in a gallery of shame that should serve warning that you should probably think before you etch your body in ink.

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