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20 Daily Strategies Behind How To Become Rich in 2014

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Everyone wants to get rich, attain true wealth and have unlimited success in their lives. Everyone’s looking for new and better ways to do it, and for tips that will put them on the path to that kind of success. The formula can seem elusive, but if you look at the success stories of entrepreneurs, CEO’s and others who have attained wealth by exhibiting a high level of commitment and being the best at what they do, there are a number of common threads that consistently run through their narratives.

Statistically, these threads are about twenty of the most prominent things rich people do every single day. They create opportunities by writing out their goals, making lists and focusing on them one at a time, and they’re relentless when it comes to attaining them. They network effectively and accomplish more in their busy days, and they don’t slack off in their commitment to excellence and the strategies they’ve put together to attain it.

On a more personal level, they also take better care of themselves. They get off the couch and commit to exercise and fitness on a regular basis, and they spend the time to eat a high-quality diet rather than succumbing to the instant gratification of junk food. They also commit to ongoing education, learning and regular reading, and they make sure to pass on this commitment to their children as well. They establish and teach good habits, and they have an unwavering belief that these habits are the key to their ongoing success.

Their stories and belief systems are inspiring, and they also illustrate how simple it is to achieve genuine wealth in all aspects of life by cutting through the clutter and destructive habits that often lead to underachieving poverty. Having these tips and stories in one single resource is extremely valuable, for it tells us what the essence of success really and how easy it can be to reach with commitment, effort and the right guidance. With that in mind, here is a list of Ramsey’s essential statistics about the differences between the rich and the poor, along with some valuable info about the logic and stories behind them and ways to get on track to having your own personal version of that level of success.

20. The Rich Love To Read

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86 percent of people who turn out to be wealthy also love to read, as opposed to 26 percent of the poor. Jorge Luis Borges, a famous literary author, once imagined that paradise would turn out to be a sort of library. Borges understood much better than most that reading can create joy, a time of peace, the ability to enjoy adventure or exploration or to just a good story. All of these things create a better-rounded, more curious individual, and these are the types of people who tend to attract wealth and success in life.

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