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What to Expect from the Uganda UK Convention – 15th Sept 2012

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The first Uganda UK Convention in 2011 was universally praised as a huge success and played a massive part in helping Ugandans from all across the world to unite. From music and fashion to economics and business investment every aspect of Uganda was represented whether by delegates from the homeland or those who are part of the Ugandan Diaspora.
The power of the Diaspora to effect huge economic change in Uganda is immense and by bringing people together through events such as this there is real potential to effect significant change to communities.

Uganda is full of natural resources and home to a vast amount of talented entrepreneurs making it the perfect place to invest.  Despite the global economic downturn Uganda achieved 7% growth in the economy in 2008, proving that now is the ideal time to put money back into the country and to start building successful enterprises in addition to helping communities.  Visiting the Uganda UK Conference in 2012 will enable investors big and small to discover a fantastic opportunity to create sustainable economic development in the country.


The Opportunities available in Uganda today
It was amazing to look at the wealth of available openings in Uganda today and many delegates were surprised to learn just how innovative and sustainable many of those opportunities are.  Take the fashion industry as an example.  There are a growing number of Ugandan designers who are making a real impact with their groundbreaking ideas.   Jose Hendo created a stir at the 2011 Fashion Extravaganza with his “Sustainable by Design” collection.  It took ethical fashion to a whole new level, highlighting the potential for Uganda to have a multimillion dollar fashion industry within just a few short years of investment.

The vast number of keynote speakers created a real buzz and there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to the future of Uganda.  Minister of Finance and Planning, Hon Maria Kiwanuka delivered a keynote speech detailing Uganda’s opportunities and the help that is available for families and individuals who which to move back there.  The speech was a real eye opener for many as it was the first time such a detailed description of the vast array of available openings had been described in such a succinct way to quite so wide an audience.
What to look out for in 2012
The good news is that 2012s convention is going to be even bigger and better than before with plenty more opportunities to network with professionals and representatives from an array of different sectors and industries.   Scheduled for the 15th of September, the event will build on last year’s success and bring an even broader selection of opportunities to the table.

There will be a large number of exhibitors offering information and services across a variety of different sectors.   If you are looking to invest in a business opportunity you will be able to chat with experts in all relevant fields and receive valuable advice on the Governments initiatives to attract more business into the country.   There will be practical advice on investing in Real Estate and Agriculture, the two fastest growing sectors in Uganda today.  There will also be advice on other industries throughout the country allowing investors to make the most of the enormous potential Uganda has to offer.

There will also be plenty of advice available for those who wish to move back home.  Information on job opportunities as well as the practicalities of how to go about relocating will be available from a number of stands so you can get all your questions answered by people who are really in the know.


How the conference supports the future of Uganda
One of the best things about holding a convention of this scale and magnitude is seeing how it benefits communities.   Let Them Help Themselves was one of the charities selected to benefit from the Convention and the sponsorship has allowed 5 more girls to attend a community school.  Education is one of the most effective ways of getting people out of poverty so actions such as this are an integral part of the work that the Convention is trying to achieve.   By supporting this kind of worthwhile project there are even more opportunities created for people and communities all across Uganda.

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