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5 Steps to a more confident You

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Having confidence is a state of mind. It is that happy girl who has the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone,the girl that tackles life issues with a smile and the one that radiates happiness when she enters a room.

Follow these five steps to becoming a more confident you.

  1. The most important tip, is to just be yourself. Appreciate and love who you are and don’t let other people define who you must be. If you love being fab,dressing up and looking good,then do it! If you are more relaxed and enjoy the plainer things in life,then embrace the way you are.
  2. Using positive affirmations throughout the day is  a great way to boost yourself. Find a couple and just repeat them to yourself when you are feeling a little low. Remember “you were born with wings,so why prefer to crawl through life?” – Rumi
  3. Start taking risks! Having a fear of the unknown and not being able to take action and risks will hold your back, and you will never really know what you are truly capable of.
  4. Learn something new! Acquiring a new skill or hobby will be great for your self confidence. Even if it turns out to be a disaster, you still experienced something new and can learn from it. And what doesn’t kill you,makes you stronger! So get out there and try again.
  5. And lastly,stand up straight,make eye contact with people and believe in yourself!  Confidence is key, if you don’t believe in yourself then nobody will!

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