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5 Top Perfect Perfumes: Summer Scents

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Fragrances can tell us so much about a woman. A floral lightweight scent tells us that this woman is sensitive and delicate. A sweet, candyfloss hue gives the impression that the woman wearing it is playful and likes to have fun. The powerful business woman or dominatrix is bold enough to wear musky, sometimes unisex or masculine earth scents to enrapture only the most confident of men.
A powerful confident female, I tend to fluctuate between 9 months of musky scents such as Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla (£150 for 50ml) but tend to push that to the back of my dresser drawer during warm weather in exchange for a more delicate fragrance.

Make sure your fragrance has a synergy with your personality, or use it to accessorise yourself when coming out of the bath and have a lazy nude day at home. Be sure to apply fragrance to pulse areas (the wrist, back of the neck), and on the collar of your coat.


5. Tommy Hilfiger,
£12.60, 30ml – Tommy Hilfiger’s signature fragrance is a warm, woody scent energised by crisp citrus that is undeniably fresh and modern. Tommy is a spirited fragrance that embodies energy, enthusiasm and the American dream.

4. Calvin Klein
Eternity Moment, 50ml, £26 – I used to wear this fragrance 10 years ago but it still has a place in the noughties. Eternity is a fresh-squeezed floral fragrance bursting with succulent beauty. Eternity Moment expresses the wondrous feelings at the beginning of a relationship when the rest of the world seems to fall away.

3. Paul Smith Woman,
30ml, £18 – Early 2000’s favourite, this chic, fresh splash fragrance is for the young professional who wants to dip her skin in a touch of musk but with lightweight undertone, making it a good choice for summer

2. Guerlain, Insolence,
30ml, £27 – A unique blend of floral notes with a drop of sweet vanilla and summer fruits, Guerlain the makeup brand strike gold with this sophistication with sweet seduction

Cool Waters Wave, 50ml £10.27 – Cool Waters is very much a 90’s fragrance which has survived the test of time, but what this new edition, “Wave” adds is a feminine rose note which softens the aquatic fruits and offers a day and night fresh body scent.
Written by Award winning Health & Women Business Editor: Clare Eluka

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