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5 ways to attract impact investors

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Socially conscious investors are always looking for new businesses to buy into. Here’s how to attract the new wave of responsible investors.

By Craig Falck for Africa Report

1. Make sure that your business is socially conscious.
This means that your products and services, as well as facilities, need to improve people’s lives and the community. Impact investors want to see what they’re buying into. The easiest way for this to happen is if they can physically see and experience it.

2. Use social media to engage with the community.
Join forums, social networking sites and other mediums. This will give your company the platform to inform the community that you are socially responsible and are invested in the area.

3. List your company on a corporate social responsibility index.
Impact investors do their homework. You’re more likely to catch their eye if your enterprise is listed on one of these respected indexes. It’s not an overnight project, so you’ll have to put in the groundwork and build your way up.

4. Think global.
A number of major global institutions, such as The Rockefeller Foundation, are involved with helping impact investors locate socially responsible companies. Get in contact with these facilitators and find out how you can be placed on their register or get assistance.

5. Be serious about your social responsibility.
Impact investors look for sustainability. This comes with time, where you’ve invested your time and money into setting up projects and need more to continue.

Being socially conscious is the new keyword in business, and responsible investors are looking for businesses to invest in that carry these core principles. Set your company goals up so that your community is benefiting from your business as much as you are, and you could find yourself popping up on impact investors’ radars.

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