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The Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon

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Uganda – Still a Hidden Safari Destination

Rwenzori Mountains were declared a Forest Reserve in 1941. This reserve was recognized as the largest catchment area giving rise to numerous streams that supply water to the surrounding communities as well as maintaining the flow of water to lakes Edward, George and Albert. Rwenzori Forest reserve was gazetted as a national park in 1991 and declared a world heritage site in 1995. The Rwenzori Mountains have a range covering an area of 996 sq kms, commonly referred to as the legendary “Mountains of the Moon” for its mist-shrouded, snow-capped peaks that lie 4° north of the Equator. The mountain range has six peaks that stretch from Mt. Stanley with Alexandria and Margherita (Africa’s third highest Mountain at 5109 metres), Mt. Speke

– Vittorio Emmanuele (4889m), Mt. Baker (4843m), Mt. Gessi (4797m), Mt. Emin (4791m) and Mt. Luigi de Savoia 4626). Mt. Rwenzori is re known for its un engineered, steep – slippery trails and frequent rain. High altitude, rain, cold temperatures, mud, bogs and steep terrain make it the most challenging safari in Africa. Nevertheless it is an excellent destination for keen hikers and climbers.

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