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A Five minutes encounter with the best comedian and MC in Uganda-Alex Muhangi

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Who is Alex Muhangi?
I am a humble standup Comedian from Kampala Uganda, of Western Uganda Kigezi Hills.

When did you start in comedy? Was it an ambition?
My comedy carreer started in May 2009 when I accidentally auditioned for a TV standup Comedy show, thinking it was a movie audition ,after I saw a queue outside one Theatre Labonita in Kampala. I auditioned and went through and became the second runner up in the standup Uganda Comedy Show. I never looked back since then.

How do you come up with jokes?
I am versatile, I see things and write about them. On average, I write two jokes every day from my day to day life.

Has comedy business been good and fulfilling for you?
Comedy is the best, in monetary terms and exposure, it’s just incomparable. Very fulfilling.

What do your parents think about you being a comedian?
My family respects me as a Comedian.

Are you married?
I am in a serious relationship with a Queen  and  a Princess.

How do you spend your happy time?
I like watching comedy.

Who is your favorite artist in Uganda and why?
I respect all Ugandan artists. I feel they all work really hard.

What do you hate about other comedians?
I really do not appreciate when comedians recycle jokes. I think   it’s always better when you come up with  fresh material.

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