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AFRICA@ 50 reception hosted by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

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The Ugandan High Commissionner, Joan Rwabyomere accompanied by Mr. Willy Mutenza and some prominent figures from the Ugandan community, attended a reception at City Hall hosted by the Mayor of London to commemorate 50 years of independence for various African nations.
The event was organised  to  honour countries that have reached their 50th year of independence, a total of  17 countries including Somalia (Great Britain/Italy), Nigeria (Great Britain), Benin (France), Burkina Faso (France), Cameroon (France), Central African Republic , Chad (France) (France), Congo (France), Cote d’lvoire (France), Democratic Republic of Congo (Belgium), Gabon (France), Madagascar (France), Mali (France), Mauritania (France), Niger (France), Senegal (France) and Togo (France).
Other attendees included His Excellency Hatem Aziz El Nasr (Egypt); HE Antonio Gumende (Mozambique); Her Excellency Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding (Gambia); HE Dr. Francis Moto (Malawi); HE Dr. Z Skweyiya (South Africa); HE Edward M Turay (Sierra Leone); HE Joan Rwabyomere (Uganda); HE Dr. Dalhatu Tafida (Nigeria); HE Ana Marie Teles Carreira (Angola); HE Nkwele Ekaney (Cameroon); HE Ephraim Ngare (Kenya); HE Philippe Djangone-Bi (Côte D’Ivoire); HE Abdou Sourang (Senegal); HE Berhanu Kebede (Ethiopia).
Other guests included celebrities and public figures drawn from the arts, business and politics. 

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