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Africa investor Magazine Reveals Africa Loses $30 Billion Annually in Local Investment Opportunities

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Johannesburg — Africa investor (Ai) magazine, the leading international African investment newsstand magazine for investment decision-makers (published in English and Chinese), reveals in its January-February edition that Africa loses US $30 billion in local investment opportunities – more than the continent receives in aid annually.

In addition, Africa investor’s African minerals investment report reviews Africa’s new global influence as its resources become critical to fuelling global industrial growth. The continent holds 95% of the world’s chrome, 88% of the world’s platinum resources and 82% of its manganese reserves; all crucial in modern industrial processes.

Africa investor also examines the penetration levels of private equity into Africa and the scope for further investment in this sector. Intra-African mergers and acquisitions activity in 2011 is also on our radar and we track capital market-listed equities and fund flows in our regular Ai40 Index Series and Ai Fund Flow trackers. In addition, our regular foreign direct investment (FDI) tracker index surveys African FDI trends in 2011 and the impact of unprecedented investment flows into Africa from Asia.

We also review the Africa investor US roadshow at the Ai Institutional Investment Summit held at the New York Stock Exchange, and honour African agribusiness investment leaders at the Ai Agribusiness Investment Awards 2011. All this and more in the January-February edition.

Africa investor magazine, with regular specialist sections in each edition on banking and finance, capital markets, agribusiness, infrastructure, tourism and private equity, is essential reading for African business and government leaders. Africa investor, through its Ai investable index, tracks over $600bn of market capital across African stock exchanges. Africa investor magazine is widely read by the global investment community, pension and sovereign wealth fund investors and foreign direct investors.

Africa investor magazine is an unrivalled advertising medium for government and corporate leaders seeking access to investors, partners and procurers. It is read by over 2.2 million readers each year worldwide.

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Africa investor is a specialist investment communications firm advising governments, international organisations and businesses on communication strategies for capital market and foreign direct investments in Africa. Africa investor publishes Africa investor, the leading international newsstand magazine for Africa’s investment decision makers; maintains the Africa investor 40 Investors’ Index, hosts the Ai Index Series Summit & Awards and the Africa investor Infrastructure Projects Summit & Awards, amongst other events.

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