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Amazon Fire HD 6 review

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  • Excellent value
  • Decent screen
  • Solid battery life

  • Quite heavy and chunky
  • Fire OS is restrictive
  • Cameras are rubbish
Key Features: 6-inch 1,280 x 800 pixel IPS screen;
Fire OS, based on Android 4.4;
Quad-core Mediatek MT8135 CPUManufacturer: Amazon

What is the Amazon Fire HD 6?

The Fire HD 6 is the smallest tablet in Amazon’s tablet line-up. Until now the smallest was the Fire HD 7, and this model adds something new to the range.

As well as setting new standards for tablets at £80, the Amazon Fire HD 6 offers an interesting blueprint for future tablets. One for people who don’t have expensive, giant phones but want something portable that’s cheap and can handle games and video in style.

In common with other ‘first-generation’ Amazon tablets, there are some serious improvements to be made to the design in particular. But what’s on offer here is compelling at £79.

Amazon Fire HD 6 13

Amazon Fire HD 6 – Design

The Fire HD 6’s design shows us the whole point of this low-cost tablet, as well as its greatest issue. Thanks to a 6-inch display, you can fit this tablet in a back pocket pretty easily. It’ll even fit into a front pocket. You wouldn’t want to walk around with one in there all day, though.

It offers a very different feel from a 7-inch tablet too – the Fire HD 6 feels like it belongs in one hand so you can cope with using it like that.

Amazon Fire HD 6 29

At £79, it makes a great accompaniment for someone with a lower-end phone, one that’s really a bit too small to do justice to HD videos and games a bit less casual than Candy Crush Saga.

There’s more than a scent of first-go design to the Fire HD 6, though. It’s very thick and quite heavy, wiping out some of the appeal of the small size. It weighs 290g and is 10.7mm thick.

That’s the same weight as the Google Nexus 7, and a good deal thicker. If the Fire HD 6 arrived weighing 200g and a millimetre or so thinner, we’d be the first to applaud – it’d be like a reinvention of the iPod touch, a rebirth of the personal media player – but currently the Fire HD 6 feels like a bit of a prototype.

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