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Amon Takwenda, a prime suspect in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) fraud dies

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By Simon Masaba

A senior official attached to the Ministry of Finance who was adversely implicated in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) fraud is dead.

Amon Takwenda was among the 70 OPM officials under Investigation over the sh20b scam for Peace and Recovery Development Programme (PRDP) for northern Uganda.

Takwenda who is survived by a wife and three sons passed on Sunday morning at Mulago hospital following a heart attack at his home in Naguru, an upscale city suburb.

According to his brother, Jason Kimbesa, Takwenda, complained of high blood pressure before we rushed him to Mulago for medication where he was pronounced dead at 1:30 am Sunday Morning.

“We rushed him to Mulago after a heart attack as he kept complaining of pressure,” Kimbesa said.  By press time Takwenda’s body was still lying at the Mulago mortuary waiting to be picked and transferred to his Naguru home.

Takwenda’s death, comes after Police had launched a probe in the OPM. Police had earlier interrogated Takwenda over his role in the sh14.8b that was allegedly channeled from the PRDP account to the Crisis Management Account.

Police also alleged that Takwenda falsified documents on which he allegedly transferred another sh5.2b to the similar account from the PRDP project.

According to Police, Takwenda also forged the bank reconciliation that showed that sh14.8b still existed on the PRDP project account yet it had been transferred 20 days ago.

The sh20.1b which Police is still investigating is part of a wider probe in the OPM where over sh50b is suspected to have deposited on personal accounts of officials in the OPM.


Source: New Vision

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