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If you have a very rocking party to attend at the weekend and you have just realized you have bitten off your gorgeous nails in frenzy over your work problems, then fret not! Here are some ways in which artificial nails can definitely come to your rescue.

If you call yourself really fashion conscious, have you had a good look at your nails? Well, most women as well as men, go all out to look gorgeous for that very important date or plan the right formal attire for that important business meeting. One thing that is often overlooked is the nail care and the basic hygiene that needs to be followed to have your nails looking good at all times. Imagine a well-dressed woman with ugly, unclean nails. I am sure that can be a huge turnoff for most people around her and one would really prefer to be a few steps away!

Well, growing your own nails can be time consuming and also requires care and maintenance. Besides, if you have to attend that very important party at the weekend, only a magic wand would probably help you get long and beautiful nails. Well, I don’t know whether magic wands are easily available, but you can definitely opt for artificial nails that will help you get beautiful and manicured hands, in a short time. Artificial nails prove to be very useful and are also available in different types of artificial materials to suit the needs of different women. When you have that all-important modeling assignment or need to cover up badly bitten nails, fake nails can truly help you out of any embarrassing situation.

What are the various types of Artificial Nails available?
Artificial nails are can give you a sophisticated look instantly and can spice up your day. These are available in various types such as acrylic nails, gel nails, wrap nails, press on nails etc. Always remember, fake nails require good care and maintenance. There is also the cost factor to be taken into consideration. You can buy them off the shelf or get it done at a professional beauty salon. If time is not the issue, then seek advice from a professional nail artist before applying fake nails over your natural ones.

Acrylic Nails:
These are the most common and popular types of artificial nails available. They are also one of the longest lasting and most durable kinds. Acrylic nails are created with the combination of two products-the polymer and the monomer. This mixture is then applied with the help of an acrylic brush over the natural fingernails of a person. After the application, one has to let it dry. Once dried, this forms an elongated shape. This can be further shaped as per your requirements. You have to make sure that you maintain these properly to avoid any infections.

Gel Nails:
Gel nails are considered to be natural in their appearance. These have a clear and shiny look. The gel consists of pre-mixed polymers and monomers. This is applied on the nails and then is set under the UV light. The non UV gels are also gaining popularity. Here, a gel activator is applied over the nails. Gel nails although natural in their appearance are not as durable as the acrylic nails. These also cannot be removed easily; you need to let them grow out.

Press-On Nails:
This is the most common and easily available kind of artificial nails that you can even try to fix at home. Browse through local beauty stores and you can a variety of sizes and shapes, which can be glued over your natural nails. These are ideal for those women who are probably unable to go to the beauty parlor and are hard pressed for time. These come with step-by-step instructions and are good for a short time use.

Wrap Nails (Fiber, silk and linen):
Wrap nails are considered to be the most natural of all artificial nails. These are also the softest kinds that are available today. Here, the pieces of fiber, silk or linen are cut as per the shape that is required and are glued to the natural nail. It is also known that wrap nails are used to strengthen the tips of the nails. The materials have their own plus points such as silk offers more flexibility and linen, is stronger but thick in its appearance. Fiber nails combine the qualities of both. You will have to grow them out for their removal. Being low on maintenance, these are also often popular amongst women.

Care and Maintenance tips for Artificial Nails:

  • Sometimes, these artificial nails tend to lift off from the natural nails. In such cases, consult a professional immediately.
  • Avoid using acetone nail polish on your fake nails. Look for other options that do not have the acetone content.
  • Always moisture the cuticles to avoid any nail infections.
  • Stick to reputed glues and products that belong to a good brand.
  • Once you have your fake nails, use rubber gloves for kitchen work or any work that involves contact with chemicals.
  • Always consult a professional before you try any of these artificial nails.

You can even jazz up the fake nails with some stick on designs. These may prove to be a bit messy, but the options are aplenty! So, the next time you party, don’t hide your hands behind your back-flaunt them with great style!

By Kashmira Lad

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