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Aryaija installed as Ankole crown prince

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By A. Ssengendo

Charles Aryaija Rwebishengye has  installed the heir of Prince John Barigye.Aryaija has vowed to take on his father’s campaign and advocate for the restoration of Ankole Kingdom.

“ I thank all those who accorded my father a decent burial. Culturally, I was not allowed to attend the burial. I want to thank Banyankole for the vigour you have showed that you need the restoration of Ankole Kingdom. I assure you that I will continue with the same campaign to make sure the Kingdom of Ankole is restored, which is what my father would have loved to see. I ask for your advice,” he said. 
The function was held at Barigye’s Muhabura palace in Kariro parish, Rubindi sub-county in Mbarara district.
It attracted many people from different clans mainly members of the Ankole Cultural Trust.
Aryaija sat on his father’s stool and put on his father’s sandals made of brown cow skin. He also wore his father’s coat and a cream Kanzu. Later Aryaija was given instruments of power including the spear to lead and protect his father’s family. He was also given a bark cloth and a milk pot.
The function of installing Aryaija was led by Razio Tumusiime, who according to Prof.Joshua Muvumba is responsible for leading such a function in Ankole. 
Aryaija urged  elders in the kingdom to always advise him. William Katatumba, prime minister for Ankore Cultural Trust, explained that, Aryaija was crowned as the heir and not a king.
Aryaija is aged 20. He is a first year student at Uganda Christian University, Mukono pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration.
His installation comes a day after the body of his father- Prince John Patrick Barigye was laid to rest at the kingdom royal tombs in Nkokonjeru Mbarara municipality.

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