As Brazil 2014 nears its end, here’s what’s coming in 2022:

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Stadiums for controversy-dogged Qatar World Cup take shape but will the teams ever get to play there?

  • Qatar is building ten stadiums for the 2022 World Cup, but questions still remain about their ability to host it
  • And an investigation into allegations of corrupt voting procedures during their bid continues
  • Qatar’s first stadium, Al Wakah, was meant to resemble a boat, but was compared to a woman’s private parts

By Steve Hopkins

With Brazil’s World Cup nearing the final kick-off, football fans will soon be turning their attention to the next host nations and wondering if they can deliver such a striking tournament.
Despite an ongoing investigation into the bidding process, claims about worker conditions and potential air-conditioning problems, preparations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar continue ahead of schedule. Russia will host the next World Cup in 2018.
Even Qatar’s attempts to dazzle football fans with their designer stadiums, hasn’t gone to plan.

The venue at Katara has a retractable roof and is cooled using a prototype of one of the systems it plans to use during the World Cup.

During the bidding process, Qatar built a small solar-powered prototype stadium which could seat 500.

Qatar’s building projects have also been hit by allegations of migrant construction workers not being given enough food or water.

Overall, the tiny gas-rich state plans to spend about $140 billion on a rail system, a new airport, a seaport, and hundreds of kilometers of new
roads for the tournament, in addition to the stadiums that will host the matches.

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