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Authentic African Fabric

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Authentic African fabric is celebrated worldwide for its colourful prints and intricate weaving. There are numerous different types of cloth ranging from the delicately woven Aso oke to the revered hand-worked Kente. If you are interested in purchasing authentic African fabrics you could visit various classifieds websites such as Here, you will be able to find some original Kente clothing and stolesat a more than reasonable price, thus discovering a simple way to save a little of your hard-earned cash.

Africa has a long tradition of hand-woven fabrics that are used to make both men and women’s clothing as well as accessories such as hats and head ties. Perhaps the easiest to find and to make is almost certainly Country Cloth. This cloth is widely woven in large parts of Africa and is often left white or dyed using natural colourings in order to create patterns.


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Kente Cloth is without a doubt the most revered and prestigious fabric in the whole of the African peninsula. This beautiful and vibrant cloth takes a great deal of time and skill to weave and is regularly worn by Africa’s rich and famous. Kente Cloth is dyed in an endless array of colours often specifically selected to reflect a religious rite or custom.

Aso oke Cloth is an ornate and hand-loomed fabric woven by south-west Nigeria’s Yoruba people. The name translates as “top cloth” in the English language and the fabric is used to create traditional women’s garments consisting of skirts, blouses, head ties and shawls or shoulder sashes. There are three specific types of Aso oke fabric that come in red, brown and blue. This fabulous cloth is often worn by Nigerians across the globe in order to celebrate special occasions.

The vast continent of Africa is home to a wonderful collection of colourful, delicate and functional fabrics including the popular Tye-Dye, Batik and Korhogo Cloths. Authentic African fabrics can be worn in so many different ways that they make for the perfect addition for anyone looking to add a splash of colour and culture to their wardrobe this summer!




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