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Bad Black: Her good journey to bad end

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Mystery girl Latifah Nalukenge, famously known as Bad Black, was on Thursday arraigned before the Anti-Corruption Court for alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars amounting to about Shs11 billion.

She has since been remanded at Luzira Prison up to November 3, 2011. Bad Black a co-director of Daveshan Development Company Ltd was dragged to police by her British fiancé, David Greenhalgh, for suspected theft. She was arrested on Wednesday evening with her boyfriend Mr Meddie Ssentongo, a businessman.
The case may help the public that has always been asking where the 22-year-old has been getting cash that she throws around without mercy.

The cryptic young woman is famous for being a spendthrift and if anything or anybody catches her attention, no matter the price, she goes for it. A story is told of how she paid $10,000 (Shs28 million) to have Nigerian sensation Mr Flavour give her a private show, also tales of her paying off clients at saloons or night clubs for her to have a private moment in such venues have been told.

She also goes by the names Shanita Namuyimbwa or Black Meddie Sentongo, as she often introduces herself.

Humble background
Born in a humble family in Zanna, Namasuba on Kampala – Entebbe Road, Bad Black’s real names Latifah Nalukenge is the true definition of a good girl gone bad.

She started her primary school at Midland in Kawempe; the story of her secondary education is unclear. But when she dropped out of school allegedly due to lack of school fees, Black tried her hand at a series of jobs, including selling second hand clothes along the streets of Kampala.

There are allegations that the turning point in her life, however, was when she traversed the murky waters of commercial sex on Speke Road and Kabalagala. It is alleged this is where she met Greenhalgh and a relationship developed. Their affection resulted in Black getting pregnant with the white man’s child and that is when their relationship was cemented and Black’s life changed dramatically.

However, a second version of Black’s turn around life is told by those close to her that she met Mr Greenhalgh while vending clothes on the streets of Kampala. And that after delivering a baby boy, Black went back to selling clothes as she travelled to Hong Kong. But Greenhalgh had a better idea of the two investing in real estates and hence the beginning of him sending loads of dollars to her. It is alleged the two opened a joint account at Barclays Bank and being a signatory, she had unquestionable access to the dollars.

With lots of money in her account and a new flamboyant boyfriend, Black hit the town with a bang. She started living a lavish lifestyle and made heads turn with a fleet of monster cars she drove around town.

She also shifted from Makindye to the posh Kampala suburb of Munyonyo where she rubbed shoulders with the rich of this country. She got involved in charity and during the recent general elections; she even bankrolled Mr Museveni’s campaign with a whooping Shs400 million.

On her 22nd birthday Black bought clothes for all her invited guests who were about 80. Black said on Thursday, her fiancé started accusing her of falling in love with Mr Ssentongo. Their relationship continued to stagger when in July this year, Mr Greenhalgh registered a case with Criminal Investigation Directorate.

According to Black, she was once engaged to Mr Greenhalgh but they broke up several months ago and she has since moved on with Mr Sentongo.

She, however, narrates with joy and much pride that Mr Greenhalgh is a rich man, actually she alleges that he is a minister in Britain and only visits Uganda every month to see their two-year-old son.

“All you should know is that he is a big man in British government,” she said in an interview.

Due to her association with this man, she puts her worth at $5m and that she holds several bank accounts. Prosecution alleges that Black and others still at large between September 2010 and May 2011 being a co-director of Daveshan Development Company Ltd stole $3,824,130 million (about Shs11 billion), the property of her employer which came into her possession by virtue of her employment.

Her youthful and swag like friends swarmed court to show solidarity for her and seemed devastated about her being jailed.

Black shortly after court promised revenge by coming up with charges against Mr Greenhalgh. But she said she would first consult her lawyers on appropriate charges.,

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