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Bad microphones almost ruined Judy Boucher show

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By Kalungi Kabuye
DURING the eighties, Judy Boucher was a singer who was almost on everybody’s A-list where songs of love and romance mattered.

Her songs like Dreaming Of A Little Island, Can’t Be with You Tonight, Send Me the Pillow, and Tears of My Pillow were hits all around the world, and also in Uganda.

So a relatively decent crowd showed up at the Serena Victoria Ballroom last Friday night to try and relive those days of romance.

And to raise funds for a proposed recreation centre for the elderly. We all know it is impossible to go back in time, but memories are easily fooled, and we all expected to feel like we did twenty years ago.

It was a sign that maybe things would not be quite that way when the first curtain raiser act, a one Esther Nyombi, could be heard singing long before she got anywhere near a microphone.

Which meant, of course, that she was miming. The MC, Jane Kasumba, was embarrassedn enough to ask the singer to do a capella verse at the end, just to show us she can sing.

Nyombi then proceeded to happily shout her way through the entire song, when the microphones were not cutting off, that is.

Next on stage was Angella Katatumba, who opted to start with a capella, amidst cracking jokes about the faulty mics.

The night was saved by the appearance of the Afrigo band, which sounded extremely good, and showed they are miles ahead of other musicians when it comes toprofessionalism and perfection.

Even the faulty mics didn’t erase their shine much. They did their popular songs, Moses Matovu was awesome on saxophone, but even mores; Joanita Kawalya is still the same adorable figure we’ve seen through the years, and a trimmed-up Angela Kalule did a memorable almost 10-minuteendition of her Katikiti song. That was what we call music.

Then, just after 10pm, Judy Boucher’s back-up band came on stage and it was obvious they had not played together for very long, maybe just the days they were in Kampala. They played about three songs to get their rhythm together then Boucher took to the stage.

She still has the same voice, but of course weaker because of the passing years, obviously, and she sang the songs the people wanted to hear. She did five songs, and took a reak. And then the politicians took over.

A fundraising was started by the guest of honour representing the Speaker of Parliament, Elijah Okupa, MP for Kasilo County, Serere District, and it went on for almost two hours.

By the time Ms Boucher came back on stage, more than half the people had left. So she sang another four songs, and Katatumba started with a capella said goodbye.

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