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Baganda not tribalists says Kabaka Mutebi

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By Eddie Ssejjoba       

The Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II has said that Buganda’s historical relationship with tribes outside the kingdom proves that the monarch has never been discriminative as some critics claim.

He explained that since time immemorial, the monarch has had friendly relationships with people from different parts of the country. He cited the example of his forefathers’ links with the people of Karamoja and Lango in Northern Uganda.

The King was speaking at Aero Beach after his tour of Entebbe Municipality ahead of his 19th Coronation Anniversary in Busiro County on July 31.  Large crowds welcomed the Kabaka including a group of Karamojong Cultural Performers.

The proprietor of Aero Beach, Cornelius Lorika Kodet, a Karamojong contributed 10 cows for the Kabaka’s guests, erected a monument of the Kabaka, Nabagereka and Princess Ssangalyambogo.

He highlighted the good relationship between Karamoja and the Buganda Monarch and introduced his elder brother, Edward Asiru who worked closely with the Kabaka’s late father, Sir Edward Mutesa II to discuss Uganda’s Independence in the Lancaster Conference in 1961.

Asiru said Mutesa II also donated his one-year full salary to Karamoja after he found the area to be so backward and undeveloped and ever since that time, the people of Karamoja have been in love with the Buganda monarch.

Engineer Michael Odongo from the Lango Cultural leadership also made revelations of their historical linkage with Buganda and pledged that the people of Lango were willing to help the kingdom build a monument for the late Kabaka, Daniel Mwanga where he was captured by the British colonialists after putting up some resistance.

The Kabaka visited Entebbe Hospital where he donated a solar system and walked to a playground where he attended prayers.

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