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Barya accepts Makerere University decision on VC

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By Conan Businge 

Professor Venansius Baryamureeba says that he “respects,” the decision made by the University Council to set aside his appeal and front two other candidates, much as he “doesn’t agree with it.”

Professors Ssentamu-Ddumba and Barnabas Nawangwe’s names will be forwarded to the Chancellor Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, who will choose the top administrative officer of Makerere, before the end of August this year.  Baryamureeba’s appeal was dropped on Thursday.

Baryamureeba had appealed to Makerere’s Council asking it to quash the voting process, arguing that it was marred with irregularities.  But his appeal was thrown out by the University Council.

“I will not take Makerere University to court. It has made most of us who we are. It is like a mother to us and I will respect the decision taken by its structures,” Prof. Baryamureeba added.

Since Ddumba got the highest number of votes, “We will give him all the support he needs, wherever we will be,” Baryamureeba said.

But it is very unlikely that Prof. Baryamureeba will remain at Makerere University, when he hands over office.

According to the Senate report, on the first round of Council’s voting on Thursday, Prof. John Ddumba Sentamu emerged the best with 14 votes. Associate Professor Barnabas Nawangwe tied with Professor Edward Kirumira each scoring 11 votes.

The University Council then held a tie-breaking vote between Associate Professor Barnabas Nawangwe and Professor Edward Kirumira. In the second round of voting, Associate Professor Barnabas Nawangwe scored 10 votes and Professor Edward K. Kirumira scored 8 votes.

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