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Beauty masterclass Preparing for celebrations step by step:

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1. Choosing the right eyeliner
There are different types of eyeliners: among them the liquid eyeliner, the cake eyeliner, the soft eyeliner pencil and the felt tip eyeliner are the most common on the cosmetic market. As applying eyeliner needs a lot of practice to excel the liquid eyeliner is the most used nowadays as it seems to be the easier to manage. The cake eyeliner was until few decades, nearly exclusively used by make-up artists because of its practicability.  The two others categories require to be put carefully on the eyes and are also a good asset to create an optical effect on your face. The permanent make-up can provide the same illusion: the main differences are in terms of cost and mood. Will you feel in a mood every day for the next six months to have eyeliner on?

2. Lipgloss and lipcolor, using them appropriately
Choosing the right lipcolor and lipgloss is essential. Why? Because both of them are long lasting cosmetics and therefore the colors you liked today should still be appreciated in ten months. For women with voluptuous lips, bronze, violette and purples are the best. They allow more freedom in terms of balancing the make-up on both the top part of the face and the bottom one. Glitter lipcolors and lipglosses should be used for evenings ideally. Alipcolor/lipgloss should always match with the blush.

3. Eyebrows    
Very often found without make-up and always perfectly shaved; in terms of make-up artistry, eyebrows are as most important than any other part of the eyes. They should always be with the perfect shape. Eyebrows pencil can help you to get the right shape by filling the gaps between missing hair. Before applying any make-up on your eyebrows, comb them with a special brush or use your fingers to put them in place. The use of eyebrows powder is much more efficient to give a natural look to your eyes.

by Make up/styling: Christelle KEDI

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