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Bebe Cool reigns supreme in as Bobi resorts to talk

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Friday’s Battle of Champions concert had no surprises because the speculation that the two musical rivals, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine, would make up anytime soon is far from reality.

And from the musical competition which organisers preferred to call a battle, one resoundingly emerged victor. Bebe Cool took the day because for every four songs he performed Bobi Wine usually did one or two songs and used the rest of his time to throw stinging words at his nemesis. And despite Bobi Wine’s provocation, Bebe surprised many by largely keeping his cool.

The musical battle went on for more than four hours and at 3.12am when police moved in to stop the show. Suddenly, it was like Bobi Wine had remembered he had come to sing. “Police please don’t interfere with my performance. People will die here if you try to stop me,” a frenzied Bobi Wine charged as he incited his fans.

Police came on stage but Bobi Wine did not budge. “You bomboclat (an abusive word in Jamaican patois to mean clotted blood) police please get off my stage and stop intimidating my band. You’re destructing my sound,” Bobi went on as he performed, putting security on tenterhooks as their subsequent step would easily lead the already charged crowd into a violent ender.

“If the show is stopped, I won’t perform at Resort Beach,” he threatened the show organisers

“Silk Events, if you disrupt my performance, don’t blame anyone if your machines are vandalised,” Bobi he went on, forcing the people in charge of the show’s production to leave on the music.

Meanwhile Bebe Cool came on stage to a thunderous applause of fans raising their seats in the air as he obliged to the police order to stop the show. Even then, he still hadn’t performed several crowd favourites like Minzani, Cease and Sekkle and his latest Film Star that hits at Bobi Wine.

For the fans it was a sentimental concert where each camp wanted to prove to the other that they had the numbers through the support to their favourite artiste.

Both artistes had live bands play for them as they performed. However, initially Bebe started off his performances singing to a CD playback, drawing protests from Bobi.

“Bebe Cool, my brother, stop miming and singing on CDs, we should compete fairly. I will not sing another song until you stop singing karaoke,” the self-confessed ghetto president provoked his competitor. Bobi Wine performed accompanied by a live band from the onset.

There was a barricade to separate stage into two, one for Bobi Wine and the other for the deejay.

Into the second segment of the concert, Bebe Cool went live and it’s where the real competition took shape.

But the real root of this stage battle is respect between the two artistes that once worked together as crew mates at Fire Base Crew in the early 2000s.

“I don’t like that boy (Bobi Wine) because l helped him and he doesn’t respect me,” Bebe Cool said. He kept his words few and his emcee, Omulangira Ndausi did much of the talking whereas Bobi Wine made direct attacks like Bebe’s failure to finish construction of his house, being older than him et cetera.

“Of course Bebe Cool has more songs because he sang 15 years before I entered the industry…” Bobi Wine reacted when Bebe Cool said had 40 songs to perform.

Bebe Cool went the compassionate way first by bringing on destitute children from Katalemwa Cheshire home for a mini fundraiser to which he donated Shs1m and then went a little ‘political’ inviting Buchaman, Bobi Wine’s former friend and ‘Vice President’ on stage and drawing pity to him for having been treated unfairly by Bobi Wine. Bobi was not impressed.

Bebe Cool later called on Bobi Wine’s elder brother Eddie Yawe to thank him for starting him on his music journey by teaching him how to sing. Yawe also went to Bobi Wine’s side to also show support for his younger brother. This was after Pastor Wilson Bugembe who had been prior rumoured to be the judge sang on both sides.

Our verdict
Musical show: When it came to music, Bebe Cool was the clear winner. The ratio of songs was four to one in favour of Bebe Cool.
Big talk: Bobi Wine is gifted with oratory skills that only a few politicians can match. He worked the crowd with his words, but unfortunately it was a music contest.
Tactics: Even in soccer, there are tactics employed and even the most gifted players can lose a game without a good coach. Bebe Cool was tactically better, sticking to his strength, which was the music and letting his emcee Omulangira Ndausi do the talking. Bobi, tried to compete musically since there was no battle of words and this was something he couldn’t win.


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