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Bebe vs Bobi concert- Behind the scenes

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BOBI Wine arrived aboard a Pioneer Easy Bus with over 20 members of his Firebase Crew and settled in their tent behind the stage where the group freely smoked and enjoyed ganja and all tribes of alcohol.

Bobi’s boys carried a leather rocking chair for him, on which he sat while watching Bebe perform.

Bobi’s wife, Barbie, arrived at about 9:20pm in the company of Ronald Mayinja’s wife, Aisha. She went straight to the tent where her husband was and hugged him.
She told him ‘all the best, tonight’ before settling in the VIP section. The sight of Aisha with Barbie sent rumours in the crowd that probably Ronald Mayinja has always been a Bobi Wine sympathiser.

As the night’s events took shape, Silk Events proprietor Elvis Sekyanzi made his way backstage, but he was bounced by the no nonsense bouncers.

His pleas to be let in, even after identifying himself, fell on deaf ears and he was forced to use another entrance.

Meanwhile, still backstage, there were over 30 uniformed policemen, separating Bobi’s pips from Bebe’s.

They didn’t allow members from either group to cross over and at one point, they swang into action to prevent some upcoming artistes who seemed not to have a problem with either camps from crossing over.

They threatened to throw out anyone who dared to send a drink or cigarette to a rival camp.

Northern Kampala Police boss Moses Muluya and his four escorts had a hard time accessing Bobi’s stage as the ‘ghetto security’, Bobi’s bouncers, blocked them for over five minutes.

It was renown bouncer Dixon Okello who intervened and forced the bouncers to let the policemen through to stop the show. This was around at around 3:45am.

Interestingly, Butcherman, Bobi Wine’s former deputy, sat in Bebe Cool’s camp. This shocked Bobi and his crew.

So, when Bebe invited Butcherman to say a word to the crowd, Bobi brushed it off, saying Butcherman is a music failure and his decision to join Bebe’s Gagamel Crew, would completely bury his music career.

Both managers Emma Serugo (Bebe) and Lawrence Labejja (Bobi) had a busy time, organising their artistes, MCs and the band.

They kept encouraging them to give their all. “Bobi is joking, but tonight he will believe,” said Serugo, while Labejja, at certain times, jumped onto the stage to cheer the band on.

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