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Benefits cheats who masterminded a £188,000 fraud to build up a secret property portfolio after being granted asylum to stay in the country are jailed

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  • Nicole Mwamba and William Kapuya claimed benefits on four properties
  • Mother-of-two granted asylum in UK with first husband claiming he was persecuted in their native Congo for political beliefs and robbed of assets
  • But when he died she received all his savings and still claimed benefits
  • Posed as an executive to land mortgages, Kapuya claimed disability support
  • Mwamba jailed for two-and-a-half years, Kapuya jailed for 14 months 

Benefits cheats who masterminded a £188,000 fraud after being granted asylum to stay in Britain have been jailed.

Mother-of-two Nicole Mwamba and her second husband William Kapuya kept their marriage a secret to illegally claim benefits on four properties for eight years.

The couple, from the Congo, also rented out one of the homes, dodged council tax, and fraudulently claimed both disability and income support.

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