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Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg talks about his experience in Uganda

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This is a 10 minute report about the Norwegian organization Better Globe and CEO Rino Solberg's experiences in Uganda and Africa on a Ugandan TV show from January 2010. Rino Solberg, Chairman/CEO of Better Globe Group, was interviewed about some of Better Globes core values and strategies to help the poorest people in Africa.

Unknown ObjectRino Solberg talks about NGO Child Africa ( that he and his wife Julie Solberg started back in 1991, childrens education, his background in Africa, the story behind Better Globes strategies and goals, micro finance and helping poor farmers, economy and opportunities in Uganda, tree planting in ASAL (Arid Semi Arid Land), carbon credits, social capitalism and charity with interest.

Better Globe is an internationally growing member organization that has members and Ambassadors in well over 40 countries. Their main product is the Better Globe Donation Package that includes 2 trees donated to poor communities in Africa, 500 litres of water donated to poor farmers, 1.5 Euro that goes to microfinance, 1.5 Euro that goes to Child Africa and childrens education and 2 trees that will give profit to the buyer of the Donation Package over 20 years.

The trees are planted in ASAL (Arid Semi Arid Land) not fit for growing food crops to prevent desertification, improve local climate and support local food production. Learn more about Better Globe and how you can help prevent hunger and poverty in Africa, stay updated on facebook: See also slideshow talking more about the business and investment opportunity with Better Globe and trees in Africa:

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