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UN Bid to Delay Kenyan Trials at Hague Fails

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A proposal to defer the trials of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, at the International Criminal Court failed to get the nine votes needed for passage Friday. At a meeting of the United Nations Security in New York, seven countries, including Rwanda, Togo and Morocco voted in favour of the measure. Eight – including the United States, Britain and France – abstained.


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Kenya: UN Rejects AU Deferral Request

KENYA's and the African Union's request to have the ICC cases deferred for a year was yesterday rejected by the UN Security Council.

Only seven countries voted in favour of the request, two less than the number needed to have it accepted by the 15-member body.

Eight council members who are either ICC members or support the court abstained. They include permanent council members with veto powers UK, France and the US.

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