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Bidandi flown back to Bangkok for treatment

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By Jeff Andrew Lule    

Veteran politician and founder of opposition People’s Progress Party (PPP), Jaberi Bidandi Ssali was on Tuesday flown back to Bangkok in Thailand for review of his condition and further treatment.

Bidandi is expected stay in the Bangkok for another three to four weeks as doctors analyze his condition.

Speaking to New Vision online, Bidandi’s personal assistant, Saddam Gayira, said Bidandi was supposed to stay in Bangkok but was focused to return home due to financial constraints.

“He was supposed to remain in hospital in Bangkok as the doctors monitor his condition until he recovers but decided to return home to reduce on the bills. He had only spent days in the country since his return,” he said.

Bidandi early this month wrote to Government seeking for financial support of sh44m which the hospital already owes. The entire treatment is to cost about sh100m.

However, Gayira said government has never responded to the request and all bills are being footed by family members and friends.

Bidandi was last month flown to Bangkok for a specialized treatment where he spent over a month.

“But his condition has improved. We hope for the best. He can now at least move short distances on his own and even do some little work unlike before,” Gayira noted.

His admission followed a bad fall he had inside his residence in Bukoto a Kampala suburb.

Bidandi was rushed to International Hospital Kampala where he was admitted twice and later transferred to Bangkok after failing to record any progress.

Bidandi served as Cabinet minister for about 20 years and also contested for presidency in the February 2011 presidential elections as the flag bearer for his party (PPP).

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