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Afro-Americans Celebrities Toys. Lamborghini Veneno – Only $3.9 Million

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If you happen to have one of those “under-the-radar” personalities, with automotive taste buds unimpressed by Lamborghini’s more daring offerings of late (like the Aventador J or the wicked Sesto Elemento), then your hunger for spectacularly over-styled winged wonders will be sated by the Lamborghini Veneno. On the verge of being released for the drooling public in Geneva tomorrow, the Veneno has enough hard edges, wings and vents to make the prospect of a carnauba wax a serious headache.

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Styling-wise, it pretty much kicks bull excrement into the face of the conservative supercar design that’s everywhere these days. That in-your-face exterior should be well partnered with a purported 6.5-liter V12, snorting out 750 horsepower to rocket the Veneno to 60 in under three seconds and providing a top speed of 220 mph. We have to love Lambo for damning convention — evocative of the mindset that birthed the Countach — and producing something so radical. The extremely limited production Veneno (only three will be made and have already been spoken for) will suck $3.9 million from each Veneno buyer’s bank account. Kinda makes a trip to the Bugatti dealer for a Veyron look like bargain shopping.

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