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Black TV Ratings for Week of Jan. 20 – 26 Grammy Awards drop in black audience from last year, but still tops four million

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Even though the Grammy Awards had a six percent drop in black viewers from last year’s broadcast, it still turned in an impressive 28 million in overall audience and 4.4 million in black watchers (2+). Likewise, the week’s other big TV event, the NFL Pro Bowl, also fell slightly below last year’s ratings.

The Grammies gave CBS a bigger than usual advantage as the week’s most watched TV network in black households. It had 16.3 million viewers across 12 shows on the Top 25. NBC was a distant second with 7.9 million for seven shows, while Fox  managed only 5.3 million with just four charted shows.

The total number of viewers for the Top 25 shows in black households, according to Nielsen, was 31.4 million, or 19 percent fewer than the week before.

Top 25 Broadcast Shows in Black Households

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