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Blanket Jackson Sparks Concerns After Creating Revenge Based Animated Series Called Kill Them All

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According to the London Daily Star, Michael Jackson‘s youngest son, Blanket, has created a macabre online cartoon series called” Kill Them All”. Prince Michael II who turns 12 next month, launched a disturbing cartoon series about a young boy avenging the murder of his father online yesterday.

The Daily Star reports;

The story-line is loosely based on “a silent stick-man who is a nameless boy and who witnesses his father’s murder and, 12 years later, begins a one-man crusade to kill the people responsible.”

A psychiatrist by the name of Carl Nelsen tells the Daily Star, “Given the unique and well-known circumstances of Michael Jackson’s death, his son’s revenge theme in his cartoon series should be a cause for concern”. He also stated, “He clearly harbors the belief that someone should be made to pay for his father’s demise, even though Dr. Conrad Murray has served his jail time. I would say this young man might benefit from therapy or more therapy if he has already undergone some.”


Blanket is obviously still dealing with his fathers death and I hope the family takes the next step in helping him cope. Sources advised Daily Star.com, that Katherine Jackson who is 83 ,was unaware of the project and had no idea who paid the £10,000 for it to be produced and uploaded online. Sources also add that Katherine Jackson was very shaken by the theme of the cartoon, and this is a side of Blanket she never seen or expected.

This cartoon might be a way of venting about his fathers death, might be innocent enough but I see a little boy still trying to cope.

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