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Bobi bows for real presidents

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Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba aka the First Son of the President of Uganda, the one you know was there because, apparently, he also goes out to watch ball.
Also present was HE Bobi Wine, president of the Republic of Uganja and his wifey.
We have never known what the protocol was, but it seems Uganja is a much less powerful country than Uganda, because it’s president seemed kind of grovelly when he was greeting the fi rst son of Uganda.
Bobi was bowing and scraping, off ering his hand while supporting it with the other hand, all looking so impressed.
If he can be so humbled by just the First Son, what will he do when he meets Sevo?
This should be a reminder to his fanswho worship him. He is not a real president. He bows when he sees real presidents.

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