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BOKO HARAM: Why is Nigerian Gov’t Afraid to Interrogate IBB?

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Cameroon Journal, New York, May 15 He joined the radical Islamic movement that trained jihadists in Nigeria, at the teenage age of 14. When he graduated, he became a Founding member of the jihadist and terrorist group Boko Haram. He served them for years, carrying out suicide missions that ultimately sent hundreds, if not thousands of innocent Nigerians to early graves. His name was Sheik Sani Haliru. He’s known today as Paul Haliru (after he became a convert to Christianity). In all, he served radical Islam for 44 years and became a born again Christian only as recently as 2011.

In his book “Unveiling Islam/Boko Haram,” Blessed Usman – himself a former jihadist and another convert to Christianity, Paul Haliru made some very profound revelations about Boko Haram. Haliru said the name Boko Haram is just a cover name. “I have my identity as a founding member of the dreaded Jama’aful Ahlul sunna wal Liddawati wal Jihad, aka Boko Haram,” that is, Boko Haram’s real identity.

The confessions of Paul Haliru if anything, provided Nigerian authorities with first class information about Boko Haram, to the extent that  if they were ever serious about combatting the evil that it is, they could have done so, given the type of revelations made available by this man.

The question is being asked again and again – where is Boko Haram getting weapons, who is supplying them the weapons and who is funding them? The Nigerian gov’t surely knows the answers to these questions. And they also know that if they stop the funding source, Boko Haram would be gone tomorrow. But they don’t want to do it, not because they’re ignorant but the share fear of the powers and personalities behind the group.

After confessing that he was a founding member of  Boko Haram to Blessed Usman, Usman was inquisitive to know some of the details of Haliru’s involvement in the group. Haliru said that he had also received Jihadist training in Libya and Pakistan. Asked who their financier was, Haliru, first hesitating to reveal it, said;

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