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Book: Africa Agribusiness & Food Quarterly: Third Quarter 2020 Kindle Edition

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Book by by Jaco Maritz (Author), Jeanette Clark (Author), Nelly Murungi (Author)
Format: Kindle Edition

Africa’s agribusiness and food sector offers significant business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. The continent’s population of over 1.3 billion is rapidly urbanising, which is boosting demand for processed and packaged foods. Although Africa has an estimated 65% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, it remains a net importer of food. In addition to catering for locals, businesspeople can also leverage the continent’s agricultural resources to produce food products for international markets.

Africa Agribusiness & Food Quarterly speaks to entrepreneurs and investors to reveal how they built their companies and highlight the industry’s untapped opportunities. This publication is produced by the team behind the award-winning website How we made it in Africa (


1. Figuring out how to produce tomato paste in Nigeria: The story of Tomato Jos
2. Profit-making idea: Maintenance support for agricultural equipment in Nigeria
3. How Ghana’s Catherine Krobo Edusei capitalised on demand for high-end fresh produce
4. A product that reduces post-harvest losses in Ghana: Entrepreneur shares his story
5. Zimbabwe-based entrepreneur wants to create a global market for baobab products
6. Profit-making idea: A natural, sustainable alternative to petroleum jelly
7. From batteries to shea butter: Company sees potential for agri-processing in Mali
8. Profit-making idea: Producing the supergrain fonio in Mali
9. Ethiopia has significant potential for import substitution but success is not that straightforward
10. Burkina Faso: Food processing company adds value to locally-grown cassava
11. The Ethiopian entrepreneur who wants to disrupt the paper industry
12. Food processing company taps into health trend with millet snacks
13. Fish leather shoes: Kenyan entrepreneur finds export market for innovative products
14. Interview: Why AgVentures is betting on agrifood tech in Africa
15. Producing beverages in West Africa: Indian-born businessman reveals his success strategies
16. How this entrepreneur went where nobody goes to start dried fruit business in Mozambique

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