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Book: Building BRICs: The New Scramble For Africa

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In the last decade, Africa has undergone something of a renaissance, and this is has largely been down to its new partners from the ‘global south’. The BRIC economies –Brazil, Russia, India and China – have made inroads into the continent, and in the last decade Africa has risen from being an economic backwater to one of the world’s fastest growing regions, and a viable player on the world stage.

Africa’s new partners have dramatically altered its investment landscape and this is giving rise to new business opportunities in the continent. This book draws from on-the-ground research, and examines how this scramble by some of the world’s largest corporates the likes of Sinopec, Embraer, Renaissance Group and Vendata Mining, all of which originate from the BRICs, are fuelling the growth of new markets and sectors across the continent. As Africa rises as the world’s next frontier for growth, this book shows how the BRICs are set to play an integral role in altering the continent’s economic trajectory.

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