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Book review: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man:

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Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment is one of the nice novels, written by Steve Harvey. The book seems to be really interesting for all the classes of readers; irrespective of their gender, nationality, religion and the like. Even though this book is dedicated to all women, it definitely seems to be interesting even to all men, as well.

“Romance is ignited within a woman from how a man makes you FEEL, not for what he BUYS you.
” In other words, a woman is not required to have sex with a man just because he buys you dinner.

As the title itself suggests the fact that the book is basically written with the writer’s intension, to make the readers aware of the plus points of both men and women as a whole. That is, the women’s strength in relation to the action and the men’s strength with respect to the aspect of thinking. In other words, the author expresses enthusiastically his generalized views about both genders.

Apart from that, he has tried his level best to create a perceivably perfect combination of men and women; from the perspective of women. It is clearly understood through the title and the introductory page itself, which states as, ‘Steve lets women inside the mindset of men’. The author has proved himself to be a good observer, comparer and more than everything else, a nice narrator. Because he takes the reader, deep into the each and every minute aspects of prime concern, which can be noticed to be continuously revolving around the core matter, throughout this book.

In this book, as he describes himself at the outset, he has well described about what men really think about intimacy, relationships, love and commitment. He has also shed light on concepts and questions such as ‘Five questions that every women should ask a man to determine how serious he is’, ‘When to introduce the kids’ and more. The book is rightly seemed to be sometimes direct and sometimes funny, but always truthful. After reading it, everyone probably feel that all women must and should read this novel without fail, if at all they want to identify with how men think, when it comes to the matter of relationships.

The author’s hope is to empower all women with a wide-open look into the minds of men, as directly expressed by the writer itself. Initially, the author talks about the mind set of a man, as the title of the first phase is named. Under this, he talks in detail about the aspect, which drives men towards women. He also made a successful attempt in differentiating the love of men from that of women. Here, he even explains about the significance of the three things, that every man needs, such as cookie, loyalty and support.

In the second phase, the book explains how women can know about why men do anything, ‘what they do’. Also, reveals the aspect of men’s first expectation from women, whom they themselves approach since their first meeting itself. It even helps women in knowing how men distinguish between those women, who are chosen for their lifetime; and those women, who are just used and thrown away after the use.

In the final phase, it also suggests some of the useful tips for women to win over the minds of men. Thus, we can say that Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man acts as a mandatory guide for all women. And like an attractive mirror for all men.

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