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Brad guns for glory: Brad Pitt is scintillating as a brutal tank commander in one of the greatest war films ever made, writes BRIAN VINER

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Fury (15)

Verdict: Thunderously good war film  

Rating: 2 Star Rating

Serena (15) 

Verdict: Wooden melodrama 

Rating: 2 Star Rating

History is written by the victors, it is said, even though no one seems to know who said it first, with Churchill, Napoleon and even Machiavelli among the contenders.

War films, too, are usually written by the winners. Whether the message is resoundingly triumphalist, or unbearably poignant, the underlying theme is invariably that we were right and they were wrong.

In the case of World War II, that’s hardly debatable. 

But with Fury, writer-director David Ayer muddies the waters just a little by making his central character, wonderfully played by Brad Pitt, so thirsty for enemy blood that he commits what we would now know as war crimes.

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