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British Army medics from 22 Field Hospital in Aldershot arrive in Sierra Leone as part of UK’s response in fight against Ebola crisis

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  • 92 doctors, nurses and consultants will treat other medics who have Ebola
  • They will set up a field hospital 30 miles from capital but will not treat public 
  • Britain has already sent 40 troops to Sierra Leone to help with crisis
  • Medical ship RFA Argus with 750 military personnel will arrive by November

British Army medics will arrive in Sierra Leone today to help contain Ebola.

Ninety-one people, including nurses, doctors and infectious disease consultants, will run a field hospital near the capital Freetown to treat other medics who have caught the disease.

Their role will not involve treating members of the general public who have the killer disease.

They will join 40 soldiers already in the west African country to work at the facility, which has 12 of its 92 beds set aside for those helping to treat others with the deadly disease .

Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Alison McCourt, of 22 Field Hospital which is based at Normandy Barracks in Aldershot, said her troops want to help provide a safe environment for medics.

‘We need to provide sufficient reassurance to healthcare workers that will encourage them to come and help defeat this disease,’ said Lt Col McCourt.

Before setting off the army personnel, who will be based at Kerrytown, around 30 miles from the capital, Freetown, had nine days of intensive training in treating those affected with the disease, which has killed more than 4,000 people.

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