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His Grandfather, born in Balham, London, was a pilot with the Royal Air Force in Mildenhall, UK and after serving in India was then transferred to the original RAF base in Rhodesia – a colony of the realm; there he trained young British airmen at Kumalo aerodrome, Bulawayo, which has 12 hours daily sunlight throughout the year, providing perfect weather for flying. It was the height of WWII, and his daughter’s birth in Rhodesia was automatically registered at Somerset House, The Strand, London, England because he was a British pilot.

As his daughter was the first infant to be christened in the tiny Anglican Church, at the RAF airbase of Moffat in Gwelo, Rhodesia (now Gweru, Zimbabwe), a phial of Holy Water from the River Jordan (especially blessed for this Baptism) was passed by British pilots in Aden all the way down to other RAF pilots along the East coast of Africa, until it finally arrived safely in the hands of the Anglican priests for the Baptism ritual.

Years later, as an adult, in February 1980 she gave birth to the pilot’s grandson, shortly before Rhodesia gained its Independence. (The boy’s father died in a boating accident on Lake Kariba when he was 10 months old and he was virtually an orphan). Along with his classmates, black, white and brown, which included others orphaned in Ian Smith’s war against the blacks, he attended Prince Edward High School, Salisbury (now Harare, Zimbabwe). They wrote their Cambridge Certificates in English, Maths and other subjects at great expense to their anxious parents. Education is never free in that part of the world. Every year the ‘Cambridge’ examination papers were flown back to Cambridge University, England, for marking. He and the others passed in English, which was and still is today the official language in the High Courts of that land. On his 21st Birthday he arrived to join his mother resident in the UK in 2001. He has never missed an opportunity to do a day’s work. Neither has he ever claimed any Benefits.

At 6 yrs old he was collecting stones and wild flowers and at 15 he was Chairman of the Fish Club at Prince Edward School; since then he has always wanted to do a degree in Environmental Science but after his first year studying at nights in Brighton, Sussex, out of a class of 28 he was the only one left standing in his first year, but failed to save enough money to continue the course. This was simply because at the same time, he was saving for a British passport – the fees for which seem to be increased every year and are still rising! Now he is working every hour God gives him in overtime for a passport that will cost him almost £2,000. However, first he has to pay some ridiculous amount to rewrite his English O-levels in order to prove he is fluent in English, the language of his Ancestors!

Because Rhodesia was a British colony, it is no different for his classmates. Many of those whose Grandfathers were shipped to Burma to fight against the Japanese, alongside the British ‘Tommies’ for King and country during 1942-1945, never returned to Rhodesia, but died in action against the Japanese. Their Grandmothers were never compensated by the King and country that their brothers, fathers and uncles had risked their lives for as foot-soldiers of the realm and fodder for the Japanese. Today, despite such sacrifices by their Grandfathers, relations between Zimbabwe and Britain have deteriorated to an impossible passé, and they are the victims.

These young men and women are all political scapegoats in an argument between two Governments, and these stepchildren of Britain are being forced to pay exorbitant fees as a ransom for yet another Cambridge Certificate in order to access a £1,800 British passport – despite the fact that they wrote the original examination a mere 18 years ago, which papers were ‘officially’ signed when they all passed with flying colours the first time around. Parents have already paid for these children to write the Cambridge exams once. Now as young adults these stepchildren of the British are being forced to pay exorbitant rates to rewrite once more the O-level English exams in order to apply for a British passport; holding a Zimbabwe passport limits any job opportunities world-wide.

Furthermore, it is one thing for Britain to be harbouring illegal immigrants but it is another side-lining its own step-children in this manner by making it virtually impossible for them to have British passports by increasing the price every year.

This is surely another selfish money-spinning scam sucked out of someone’s thumb at the Home Office, someone who has no knowledge of the historical circumstances of these victims of British politics. This grandson of a British pilot and all the others with their DNA locked firmly into their Ancestors now have to pay extra to rewrite O-Level English, and all because they were born on the wrong side of the Equator. Politicians have no interest in anyone except themselves, and they waste millions vying against each other in their endeavours to get the extended families of their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews to vote for them in the next Elections, instead of going to the crux of the matter and shepherding in the many stepchildren of Britain, (who are all holders of O-level English Certificates marked at Cambridge, England and who are fluent in the English language). Such a move would avoid the Home Office having to fleece their own stepchildren for extra cash while gaining the Votes for the politicians.

I promised the pilot’s grandson that I would not reveal his identity and embarrass him and the students born in 1980 – the original Born Frees – The sacrificial lambs of Education in the ashes of Rhodesia, a British colony.

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