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Britney Spears cites extreme anti-gay marriage preacher as favourite author

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Pop star Britney Spears’ author of choice is a former Texan church preacher with extreme views on gay rights.

Responding to a fan’s question about her favourite book in a Twitter session to promote new album Britney Jean, the American singer responded, “Anything by Max Lucado”.

Known for his numerous Christian self-help books and controversial stance on homosexuality, Lucado, no relation of Spears’ boyfriend David, believes same-sex marriage will lead to ‘legalized polygamy and other deviations’ that will ‘erode the traditional family’.

Entitled ‘What God Says About Gay Marriage’, a 2004 article by Lucado reads: “If they recognise gay marriage, what will keep them from the next step?

"Who’s to say that one man can’t marry five women? Or two men and two women? How about a commune marriage? Or a marriage between a daddy and a daughter or a woman and giraffe? Don’t underestimate the evil bent of the human heart.”

Later extracts include lines such as, “let there be no gay bashing among God's people” before further affirmation that no homosexuals “will have a share in the Kingdom of God”.

Lucado’s more recent 2011 book Max on Life includes an excerpt written from a less extreme viewpoint: “Jesus loves his gay children. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. This includes homosexuality. He made them, came for them, and died for them.”

Britney was spotted with the author’s Grace For The Moment under her arm on a trip this summer and is reported as a regular churchgoer.

She has openly supported gay rights, revealing to Alan Carr on his Chatty Man talk show in London that her single “Work B***h” was a tribute to her LGBT fanbase.

Speaking to San Francisco’s 99.7 NOW FM, she described her gay hair stylists and beauty staff as “adorable and hilarious”, making the likelihood of her agreeing with Lucado’s early views on homosexuality slim.

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