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Businesswoman, 47, dies after catching malaria at luxury holiday home in Africa: She had ignored doctor’s advice to take tablets to prevent the disease

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  • Jayne Rowley from Lytham in Lancashire suffered a seizure two weeks after holiday with husband to three-bedroom villa in Brufut, Gambia
  • Husband Martin, 45, also caught the disease which they thought was flu
  • They had made regular trips to the district for more than two decades
  • Today husband of 25 years spoke of regret at not taking regular medication
  • Couple owned Carpets of Lytham and had two children aged 22 and 17

A mother-of-two has died after catching malaria while on holiday with her husband at their luxury villa in Gambia.

Jayne Rowley, 47, who made regular trips to the west African country over the past two decades, suffered a seizure after the bug attacked 'every organ in her body'.

Today her husband Martin Rowley, 45, spoke out about his regret that they did not 'religiously' take their anti-malaria medication.

Two days after returning from a 10-day break two weeks ago, the couple were rushed to Blackpool Victoria Hospital for treatment.

They had been staying in their three-bedroom holiday home in the Brufut area of Gambia, which they had owned for two years, where they regularly donated football kits and goalposts to local children.

But they did not follow medical advice to take tablets at regular intervals throughout the day, and on Wednesday Mrs Rowley – mother to Victoria, 22, and James, 17 – succumbed to the illness.

Her devastated husband of 25 years has spoken of the heartbreaking moment he waved his wife goodbye so she could be treated on a different ward before she died from the killer bug.

Mr Rowley, 45, from Lytham in Lancashire, said: 'I never thought anything of waving her goodbye at the time because I was still in a bit of a blur.

'We had been bed-ridden and we decided we had better go to hospital to get ourselves checked.

'We thought it must have been something more sinister than flu because I almost couldn’t walk, it was so bad.

'On the way she had a seizure which was horrendous for her.

'I wasn’t able to be by her side because I was being treated.'

Mr Rowley said he first started showing flu-like symptoms on November 17 and his wife started feeling ill two days later.

He said: 'The only way I can describe it is the worst case of flu you can experience.

'Whereas with flu the headaches get better, in this case they get worse and worse.

Tourist destination: The couple from Lytham, Lancashire, visited Brufut in Gambia (pictured) numerous times


Tourist destination: The couple from Lytham, Lancashire, visited Brufut in Gambia (pictured) numerous times



'It’s like being hit by a sledgehammer every moment of the day.'

The following week they went to hospital and Mrs Rowley had a seizure and ended up in intensive care.




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