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Can Mugabe retrieve Zimbabwe’s first generation of farmers!

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Zimbabweans insist on shaking their frustrated fists in anguish at its failing Banks and blaming Mugabe (90), but when Wall Street crashed the World Bank New York defaulted with it, and few realized how seriously this unique situation within the Republican and Democratic financial camps would backfire on banking, world-wide.


Face-to-face financial transactions must now be carried out in big cities, and here in the UK some urban banks are replacing staff with ATM/Cashpoints, forcing loyal bank clerks to seek alternative employment.


Meanwhile governments of newly independent states of Africa, acting like euphoric teenagers inheriting fortunes from deceased estates, are busy flogging their assets to the highest bidder instead of turning the tables on the Developed World who have, ever since the first Colonials arrived, surreptitiously drained Africa of its resources. Fortunately for the East, the original Colonials did not have their mining expertise.


Once those assets are depleted, what will Africa have to offer one another in their empty (plastic) begging bowls? If there is no food, no amount of money can buy it, no matter what oligarchy you originate from.


Africa, being a wealthy continent, should stop asking for handouts and instead go back to the drawing-board because, while everyone is wondering where their next meal is coming from, the rich are getting richer and the poor… well?


Jealousy through-out Africa is spawned historically in the way in which foreign Governments dish out Aid to fawning stepchildren, ignoring the plight of those too proud to toe the line. It is a way of keeping distantly-related clansmen formulating close relationships across borders. However, the Developed World always finds money to fund another war, but armies cannot march on empty stomachs, so who is going to feed the warmongers? Why not Africa, using food as a pawn in the way they use the green-backed dollar?


Few can succeed without the green-backed dollar (or its equivalent), a commodity found in the fingertips of the green-fingered farmers who, in Zimbabwe, are instead encouraged to grow cancer-incurring tobaccos to fund the likes of western multinationals, including GlaxoSmithKline.


In spiritual law, once you owe anyone, you are no longer equal, and begging for Aid, which will ultimately by-pass income-generating projects, cannot earn any government respect. According to Steve in The Zimbabwean, (15.10.2010), the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development stated that Zimbabwe allegedly owed almost US$7M to International Creditors.


While Africa focuses on selling coveted mineral wealth to the East and shows little intention of paying back ‘guilt money’ loans to the West, such conniving indicates that African states have come of age and are not children anymore.


It is time Zimbabwe set an example and told the North, East and West to keep their Aid and their well-greased paws off its back and instead buckled down to growing and selling nutritious sustenance to the highest bidder. Politics would then take a back seat and Sanctions would be water off a duck’s back. Stop sourcing and accepting Aid in lieu of inherited collateral damage beginning with Separate Development by the Colonials. Collateral damage has had an effect on Africa from Colonial inception, and it now continues in cheap colourful plastic goods from the East.


Zimbabwe cannot live without water which domesticated animals depend on – organic donkey milk cheese currently sells at £1,000/kg! For eons rainwater seeped through mulch to the water-tables beneath, providing fresh drinking water, and it is nonsense selling off sacred Wetlands/swamps for dredging and construction!


Furthermore, unless checked by Environmental Agencies, gas/oil explorations on Lake Tanganyika could also contaminate Chinhoyi Caves’ Silent Pool not to mention the aquifer beneath Karoi, interconnected deep underground via the Rift Valley.


At the beginning of Independence in 1980, the one amazing act Mugabe did for Zimbabwe was outlaw Separate Development in Education as dictated by Ian D. Smith. The result was that children sat alongside one another in multiracial schools for the first time ever, forming long-lasting friendships. Some cultures even intermarried, much to the chagrin of their parents!


Recently, in an unexpected broadcast, a new generation of white farmers can no longer follow their destiny alongside black farmers – many ex Gwebi Agriculture College. Mugabe has thus derailed and destroyed the integrated lives of Zimbabwe’s First Generation of Farming Communities. Who will take up the cudgels for these shattered relationships now and focus on Agriculture before the country is totally devastated by Mining?


No wonder Mugabe is accused of performing irrationally, detached from reality. He is frustrated because nothing has gone according to plan, and even more confusing since he handed the land to the blacks, they hanker for Computers? Ill-advised once more by others obviously watching their backs, he observes the ghouls hovering to roll the dice and vote but even Mugabe cannot predict the future.


It is time Zimbabwe turns from Conflict Management and focuses on Agriculture. All you need is a passionate labour force, its roots buried in its rich soil, water and glorious sunshine!

Donette Read Kruger



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