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chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhoea?

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chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhoea?
I've recently started having sex with my new girlfriend but I have developed small cracks and sores on the end of my foreskin. They are very sore and do bleed occasionally. I've never had this problem before with previous partners.

Expert says?

There are several possibilities and, without looking, it's difficult to be sure. It may be something straightforward like thrush, which men can get too.

Thrush is an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus we all carry on our skin. This bug takes advantage of the times when your immune system is run down by infection or tiredness – or when the other harmless bugs on you that it competes for space with have been wiped out by antibiotics.
It can cause a rash or redness, soreness, spots like nappy rash, or cracks and bleeding fissures in any part of the skin. An antifungal cream, which you can get from the chemist, will help if this is the cause.

It could, however, be a more serious infection such as chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhoea – although they would usually cause other symptoms, such as a discharge or pain on passing water when you go to the loo. With a new partner, there are other possibilities – including an allergy to soap products she uses, or to the latex in condoms if you have just started using them.

You may get more ideas from or where you can find your nearest sexual health clinics that give confidential infection and advice) but you really need to have a doctor look at the rash and send swabs to the lab.

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