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Christelle KEDI Explores Ancient African Beauty History

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Parisian born and London-based award winning makeup artist Christelle KEDI has started her beauty consultancy specialized in ethical beauty & African fashion for media industry in 2007. Her inside and daily experiences of the fashion industry (National Geographic Green, The Voice, Black Hair & Beauty magazine, Promota magazine, FAB magazine, Knowledge Fountain business magazine, New African Woman UK, Isis magazine and Scarf to name a few) allow Christelle to comment with accuracy and precision about her core subjects: colours, photography, identity, make up and styling.

Delivering presentation, talks and trainings has lead Christelle to realise that aesthetics standards often reflect a mental and psychological reality of a community, for instance: “straightening Afro hair, is a choice revealing an admitted or not, desire to look like others (communities)”.

Her very first book: “Beautifying the body in ancient Africa and today “is an historical and identity journey through African sense of beauty and secular secrets to maintain a socially coordinated appearance and presence. As a chronological testimony acknowledging records dating back to Africa’s earliest times; hair, skin, colour, textiles and ornaments are analysed within their cultural context.

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