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Clifton packaging hosted Ugandan Convention delegation in Leicester.

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The Executive of Uganda Convention (UK), led by its Chairman Mr. Willy Mutenza, were hosted to a luncheon by Mr. Khalid Sheikh, Chairman of Clifton Packaging, and his board of Directors. Clifton is one of the most sophisticated and efficient industries in its field, Clifton Packaging (UK) is owned by Asian Ugandans.

Khalid, who proudly refers to himself as Son of Uganda, impressed the Executive when he stopped the design production studio team and ordered them to start printing banners, posters and anything related to promoting the Ugandan Convention initiative. Khalid commended the vision bearers for this Nobel initiative, which will not only promote cohesion for the Ugandan community in UK, but also tap into opportunities promoting individual progress. He further stressed that it is time for Ugandans in the Diaspora to utilize their skills and opportunities at their disposal.

Khalid, who sits on the Ugandan Presidential Advisory Round Table, (an annual sitting that also advises the President on international business trends), undertook to present issues that affect Ugandans in the Diaspora at their next meeting.

[box type=”info”]1st Uganda Convention UK 2011 Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 1:00 PM (GMT) Where 490 Commercial Road Shadwell London E1 0HX London United Kingdom Book ticket[/box]

Willy Mutenza introduced the Convention’s objectives and among others is to link the Ugandan Diasporas with the United Kingdom’s private and public organizations; in this respect, supporters of Uganda, promote a bridge between Uganda’s Asians and their fellow countrymen, whilst encouraging mentorship and inspiration of Uganda’s successful Asian community.

Mr. William Lule, General Secretary of the Convention, assured Clifton’s Directors that the UK-based Ugandan community is slowly making headway in progress but reminded us that we still lack outside forces that we need to mentor us here into sustainable progress.

Mr. Khalid was also honored to be one of the keynote speakers and hinted on the project that will be launched during the Convention where funding will be given to suitable Ugandans which will enable them to start their industries in Uganda. For more about this project keep on checking on our website!


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