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Couture Show London evening wear

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At Couture Show London evening wear, classic ball gowns and elegant wear created by Anh Mao, and about to be launched were showcased. It brings to the corporate world, and bustling London business community, something of difference: a new and exhilarating opportunity to take part in a show of exquisite elegance, charm and excellence. Couture Show London seeks to strengthen design and beauty business ventures through the show’s exposure to high profile guests, persons of prominence and influential members of the fashion and media community.

This is not just a fashion show, nor purely a catwalk event. It is about music. It is about showcasing couture, introducing new designers to the market, and bringing retail and boutique buyers together.

It is about bringing professionals from other industries, including film, together with our clients and guests. It is about building media presence and exposure, in short, it’s about creating a buzz. It is about entertaining whilst providing a chance to raise your brand awareness with London’s influential ‘clique’.It’s about business networking, business opportunities, meeting the market giants from other industries. At Couture Show London we provide the guests with something above the usual standard, to reach for new heights and present entertainment that gives our guests a day to remember.

This exclusive event, ‘Couture Show London’ occurred on 26 June 2010 Saturday at Charing Cross Hotel and the next show will take place in mid September each year. Rachel Burnham, 21 year-old harpist, amazed the crowd by her performance while Anh Mao’s couture collection was brilliantly exhibited on the runway by top models at this glamorous evening. Her collection will be soon available on the London market. An exclusive Couture Show held at Charing Cross Hotel, London.

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