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Cover Story: Iryn Namubiru PAM Awards Artiste of the Year 2011

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What are the factors that have led to your success?
I think it’s hard work and perseverance, and being surrounded by positive people.
Are there any people who have contributed to your success and if so, who are they and in what ways have they helped you?
It is mainly my mother, my manager Thadeus Mubiru, some few close friends and my family by always being there for me, listening to me, giving me moral support and advice without necessarily judging my actions.

You are a wife, mother and successful musician. How are you able to balance the three roles?
I have answered that a million timeS, it all comes down to organization. At the end of the day, I work like any other working woman in Uganda but there is always time for everything. At time we have to sacrifice though.

What have been the main highlights of your career?
When I first recorded with a record label and working with some renown international stars.

What challenges have you faced on your road to success and how did you overcome them?
There are so many, but right now, it is mainly the fact that whatever I say in written interviews can be modified. At times, we tend to look or sound stupid and most of the time, the impression that is given of us is not at all representative of who we are.

Have you experienced any low points in your career, and if so what were they?
Yes, I have, when stories are fabricated and I do not have the means or the courage to defend myself, yet many people take them to be true.

Many people believe that when a woman becomes successful, she ceases to respect her husband. What are your thoughts on this belief?
I do not believe this, but I think men are just insecure with independent or learned women. Gone are the days when women just sat at home and waited for men to bring bread home. I would respect my man as much as he respects me. I am not a star at home but there is a limit between being respectful and stupidly submissive.

In your opinion, why are there so few women at the top of their respective careers?
I think it is because we are still considered the weaker gender, yet many times, women are far better than men in many different areas.

You have demonstrated that it is possible to have both a successful career and marriage. How have you succeeded in doing this? 
My advice to other women, who believe you can have one or the other but not both is: it is not always a bed of roses, you cannot be blinded by success, and first priority has to be your marriage. While you might lose your career, you may not be able to live without your family. I think it’s the main pillar of everything; its failure might affect your career too.


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