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I have realised one vital fact in this world. You can be as ignorant as the most uninformed person on the planet, but if you speak well and do not use slang or bad language; if you are polite, have good manners and are clean and tidy, you will be accepted into any society immediately but once they find out that you are rude, loud and uncouth and cannot hold a decent conversation for long, people tire of you because, hasn’t anyone told you that empty vessels make the most noise?

Therefore, you become boring, or a know-it-all with false airs and graces; if you belittle those less fortunate than you, and dare to mock the afflicted, or appear racist and have no patience with your elders, you will soon find yourself out in the cold because people are embarrassed to be seen associating with you.

Arrogance appals, so be kind, be kind, be kind. First impressions count – and the rest will fall into place. Always!

By Donette Read Kruger

(EPHESIANS 4 v 2: Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.)

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