Devon Alexander: Amir Khan’s arrogance will be his downfall, a lot of people hate him

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  • Devon Alexander will fight Amir Khan in Las Vegas on Saturday
  • The American has criticised his opponent’s arrogance 
  • Alexander said if Khan was really good enough he wouldn’t need to brag 
  • He also said whoever won deserved a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jnr

‘Where I come from,’ says the man standing between Amir Khan and his mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather, ‘it’s not good to be cocky.’

Where Devon Alexander comes from is St Louis, a 15-minute drive from the combustible town of Ferguson in which riots against white police killing unarmed black men have fanned out across America.

‘Where I come from,’ Alexander continues with cutting reference to growing up on the mean streets, ‘you don’t brag that you’re better than everyone. Because in our communities we believe nobody is better than anybody.’

There is no doubting at whom the message is aimed.

But to make sure, Alexander drives it home: ‘I’ve not been around Khan much but I hear a lot about him. And what I hear – even from boxing fans in the UK – is that he’s arrogant. A lot of people hate him. That’s the feed back. Not cool.

‘If you’re as good as he says he is you don’t have to tell everyone. You don’t gloat. Because the cockier you are the harder you fall.’

The shrewd odds-makers in the Las Vegas casinos do not expect Khan to fall in the MGM Grand Garden on Saturday night.

They quote Bolton’s 28-year-old at 1-3 on, Alexander at 2-1 against.

As Alexander The Great held court in a luxury box overlooking the MGM sports book he jerked a thumb in the direction of the giant screens behind him and said: ‘The odds are not important. Any more than they would be important if they favoured me. They only matter to the gambler. And if you’re going to have a bet, put it on me.’

Nor does it concern him that for all Oscar De La Hoya’s unfailing respect for all fighting men, his Golden Boy promotion company want Khan to win.

Alexander says: ‘I sense the preference. But when I win it will not be an upset in my mind. And if it upsets their plans, hard luck.’

Clearly the design is for Khan not only to defeat his fellow former world champion but to do so in such spectacular style that the public will demand Mayweather finally gives him his shot at the really big time.

Alexander smiles at that notion and says: ‘He hasn’t done anything in our sport to deserve the big fight with Floyd. He’s had a lot gimmes in his career. Look at my resume – constant back to back fights against the best.’

The perceived wisdom here is that Khan’s lighting speed, light-footed movement and eradication of his old mistakes under new trainer Virgil Hunter will prevail.

To which Alexander responds thus:

‘Speed? I’m fast too.

‘Movement? I move a lot.

‘Mistakes? He still makes them.’

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